To GalaxyFest!  New Products and another thing...


Talespin Games rides again!  This time to GalaxyFest!  Starting at Feb. 24 and running until the 26th.  Will be bringing newly designed products and of course our classic Patent Pending Talespinners.

Acrylic Map Boards

I have developed a laser engraved map board that will be available for orders @ the convention!  Photos coming soon.

Directions to GalaxyFest

Location: The Antlers: 4 S Cascade Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80903


Honestly not sure what to make of this strange track I found on the trail near my house.  Figured my blog was as good a place as any for this.  Fortunately, it was near my house so I grabbed my plaster of paris and made a cast of the print.  Will be on display at the booth.  Lots of smart people at SciFi conventions, right?  Maybe they can help me.

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